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Violin lessons, Piano lessons and also Viola, Music Theory, Harmony, Conducting anywhere in San Diego in your home or in one of our studios.
Luxemburg Music School has many benefits, the most recognized is that all our teachers come to your house.
If you are looking for music instruction, and looking for instructors who come to your home. Our Music School is the place for your musical needs.

We provide lessons at your home with qualified musicians and teachers to offer you as a student:

piano lessons san diego

  • A relaxed learning alternative no matter what the instrument (including Violin, Piano, Viola, Music Theory, Harmony or Conducting)
  • Individual instruction
  • Convenience which saves your time and money
  • Confidence in your world class teacher level
  • Reasonable rates per lesson

One of our goals is to never lose a student. We will follow you if you relocate anywhere in San Diego. This will help assure uninterrupted instruction for you. We will match you with the best possible teacher.

Some other Luxemburg Music School benefits are:

  • We have very competitive pricing based on local rates, teachers' experience and the type of instrument chosen.
  • Our students learn the music they want to learn
  • We teach lessons for students of all ages
  • Our lessons range from beginner, intermediate to advanced skill levels
Luxemburg Music School consists of a reliable, highly competent staff including:

  • US, European, Russian with a Masters degree professionals
  • Professional musicians capable of teaching

  • Find out more about our Piano and Composition teacher composer Luxemburg

    Goals and Traditions

    Our Music School in San Diego, will give you or your children a chance to study Violin following the great traditions of European and Russian musical education. Just as one hundred years ago, when Leopold Auer brought the Russian Violin School from St. Petersburg to North America, we will share with you the secrets of our teaching methods.


    At the beginning of the Russian violin tradition stands Leopold Auer. He shaped his violin playing method, which later gained the name “Russian Violin School”. In 1918 Auer immigrated to USA, which widened the reach of the Russian Violin School.

    Auer’s work made a huge impact on musicians throughout the world.

    Many famous American virtuoso violinists were among his pupils, including Efrem Zimbalist, Jascha HeifetzMischa ElmanNathan Milstein.

    The main concepts of Luxemburg Music School:

    • attention to the individual personality of the student
    • intensive development of the creative thinking process 
    • support of continuous improvement on musical and technical levels
    • individual approach to every student
    • affordable rates per lesson

    Music classes we teach:

    Instrument / Subject In the Studio In Your Home
    Violin, Viola Yes Yes
    Piano Yes Yes
    Music theory, Harmony Yes Yes
    Ear Training, Conducting Yes Yes

    e-mail:   Phone (619) 252 0224