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Contacting us for lessons in your home, our music education specialists will help you find amazing teacher for you or your kids. Our teachers dedicated to achive your child's musical goals. All of them are active musicians form San Diego area and have degrees from the city's renowned music institutions.
Teaching is an important part of their life, and they teach students of all ages.
Lessons at home are good for the busy San Diego family, and we will make lessons convenient for you!
Our teachers use traditional European methods incorporating also Suzuki books for lessons with beginners or advanced students.
We offer the personal touch that all the best music lessons have.
You can contact your teacher directly almost any time.
Read about more about our San Diego studio, meet ourteachers!

"My daughter always wanted to start violin lessons. Only here we were able to find a teacher that was not only an amazing instructor, but also knowledgable about various teaching approaches, and flexible and responsive to specific learning style."

What is a good age to start Violin lessons?
Violin students can be as young as 5 years old, or younger with the teacher's approval. Keep in mind that violins can come in as many as 8 different sizes, and you'll want to choose a size appropriate for the student's body size and arm length so the student can hold and play the instrument comfortably.
If you do not yet own a violin, many of our new students take their intro lesson without a violin so that their instructor can assess the size of violin they'll need and make recommendations of what to get and where!

Our teachers
Emil violinist, he holds Masters degree in Violin performance and Orchestral Conducting from Europe and can teach you how to play the Violin, anywhere in San Diego in your own home or in the studio.
His students learn the music they want to learn including classical, jazz, pop style and how to improvise. In addition to performing, he teaches private lessons in the San Diego area using European Violin teaching methods with Suzuki Books incorporating Scales and Etudes for technical development of the student.
Study with the Best European method with results!
You will be able to play simple melodies already after the 1st lesson.

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Music lessons in San Diego area

All ages and all levels welcome. Lessons are first come, first served. Contact today to arrange your first lesson!