film music recording

Music for Film, TV, Producers and Corporations

At Luxemburg Music Productions for Film and Video we pride ourselves on our ability to match needs of the directors and producers with the right music.
In some cases music was composed and arranged in just 8 hours (Original idea, Score and all Instrumental parts). We maintain our standard of 100% customer satisfaction.

Our one-call service has been designed to simplify the search for qualified music or composer.
We meet all types of musical needs - from traditional music to the latest in the use of electronic and computer equipment.

Our studio is constructed as a facility for our own filmscores and recordings.
We have expanded our facility to help you with your post-production needs.

  • We produce music for: TV and Radio stations, Low and Big budget Film and Video, Documentary, Multimedia, Producers and Corporations. We have a studio that can efficiently handle a variety of recording, editing and mixing needs

  • Working as composers, studio musicians and recording engineers, we know how to get great performances from studio musicians.

  • A creative atmosphere, reasonable rates and good location in the San Diego near Los Angeles areas makes Luxemburg Studio a great place to work.

    Call for rates, references and availability.

    The studio features a full compliment of MIDI and digital equipment and can accomodate a wide range of recording, editing and mixing applications.

    Real Orchestra recording

    If you are: Musician, Composer, Film music producer, Film director.
    Now you can record your music or film music score with the best Orchestras from eastern Europe and Russia for less than you will spend on recordings produced with sampler and orchestral libraries or MIDI.

    Traditionally, to hire and record music with a real orchestra in the US was expensive.
    Today all that is changing. Since the introduction of our program Record your Music in eastern Europe and Russia few years ago, composers, musicians, low budget film studios or independent musicians finally have a real solution to deliver their creations to the world without sacrificing quality of their music. Many people worldwide are already using our services.

    Why to use our services
    Now, you can hire and work with real Orchestra on a surprisingly modest budget.
    The cost of the sampler and several orchestral libraries is a lot more.
    You will be surprised when you will receive a quote for a 50-piece orchestra.
    We have special deals with major orchestras in eastern Europe and Russia.

    e-mail:   Phone (619) 252 0224